Thank you if you were able to sign up to donate items for our Live, Laugh, Bark basket.  Please send in your donation by January 29th.  If you would prefer to send in a monetary donation, I will use it to get additional items still needed.

I was able to get our classroom a grant worth over $1,600 and the students seem to love it!  Reflex Math is a highly motivational program designed to promote fact fluency.  Students earn tokens to spend on their avatar, plant their own fact tree and earn green lights!  Every single student in my math class got 3 green lights this week!  Woo hoo!  Your child has access at home by clicking here.  Ask about "purple skin!" 

What do you want to be when you grow up?  NES's Career Gallery Walk will be this Friday.  This will allow students to see different careers that may interest them.

Valentine Box or Bag
For our Valentine Party next month, students are encouraged to create a box or bag to hold their valentines centered around a RENEWABLE or NON-RENEWABLE resource.
Examples include:  coal cart, oil rig, wind mill, garbage can/landfill or solar panels.
Here is a list of the resources we have discussed:
coal, oil, propane, natural gas, nuclear (uranium)
solar, hydropower, biomass, wind, geothermal 

Color day schedule:
Monday - No School
Tuesday - Phys. Ed.
Wednesday - Enrichment
Thursday - Enrichment
Friday - Art

Upcoming Events:
~February 14th - Valentine party (more info. to come)
~February 17th - no school:  Presidents' Day

Donations needed:  
~items for our Live, Laugh, Bark basket