What is Homeworkopoly?
Homeworkopoly was created to encourage students to turn in their homework on a regular basis. The gameboard looks a lot like Monopoly, but has different rules and spaces. Those students who have turned in all of their assignments for the week (ON TIME!), will get a turn on the gameboard. It is played at the end of each week and continues throughout the year.

To play, each student gets to roll the dice, then move the number of spaces rolled. The student may not land on a prize, however, there is the possibility of winning some awesome rewards if you are lucky enough to land on one of these spaces:

Chance ~ choose a "Chance Card" from the deck. These cards might say something like "Choose a class job next week," "Bring in music during lunch," or something else that is special

Treasure Chest ~ choose from the Treasure Chest 

Brain Bender ~ correctly answer a question that Mrs. Kaser asks you and get a treat from the treat jar

Dancing Balloons ~ pick from the sticker/prize basket

Spinner ~ click and move to any space with that color on it

Gumballs! ~ spin our gumball machine

Go! ~ GO directly to the treat jar

Grammar Rocks ~ answer a question about a part of speech and you sit in the reading chair during read aloud for a day 

Even or Odd? ~ guess whether the die will land on an even or odd number and win any prize

What Time is It? ~ give the current time and earn a stamp for your hand

The game continues week-to-week, with students moving around the gameboard.  Each week, every child has the chance to get in on the game by completing his/her homework. Hopefully every week, every child is rolling the dice for the chance at some fabulous prizes! 

Homeworkopoly was created for use with our SMARTBoard.


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