Helpful Tips

1. Clean out your Take Home Folder EVERY NIGHT to remove any mail or graded papers (this will reduce the confusion between papers that need to come back to school the next day and ones that can stay home).

                Psst!  It is best to do this with a parent in order to review 
               graded papers and learn about upcoming events! 

2.  Have a set time and place to do your homework.  Make a sign to hang that says, "THE QUIET ZONE."  Turn OFF the television and radio!

3.  Have a snack before you start.

4.  If it is a long assignment, take a five minute break halfway through.

5.  Ask a grown up questions if you need help, but do not rely on them to do your homework for you!  Mom, Dad ~ walk away from the table.  Allow your child to work on the assignment by himself/herself first.  Then check it over.  Encourage your child to find his/her OWN mistakes.  This is so important in fostering academic independence.

6.  Always try to do your best.

7.  Put homework immediately in folder when finished.

8.  Read every night for at least 15 minutes.

My dog ate my homework.
That mischievous pup
got hold of my homework
and gobbled it up.

My dog ate my homework.
It's gonna be late.
I guess that the teacher
will just have to wait.

My dog ate my homework.
He swallowed it whole.
I shouldn't have mixed it
with food in his bowl.
~Kenn Nesbitt

Why homework?
Homework is practice at home that reinforces skills and concepts learned in the classroom.  For your third grader, Norton's Board of Education recommends 15-30 minutes or more of homework each evening.  Your child will be responsible for daily and weekly homework that will be communicated in their Trackers ~ a daily assignment book.  Each day, homework is written on the Assignment Board and the students are expected to write the assignments in their Trackers.  Assignments are due the next day, unless otherwise stated.  It is not excused when a student does not write down the homework in his/her Tracker.  Incomplete work does not just "go away" and will need to be made up. 

Please look over the Tracker each evening, verifying your child has completed his/her homework.  Feel free to write me a note in the Tracker as this is a great tool for communication.

Special Projects may be assigned in addition to the weekly homework.  These projects will be given with ample time to be completed.

Vacations During the School Year
When planning a family vacation during the school year, homework and assignments will be collected and sent home when your child returns to school. They will have the number of days absent plus one to complete their missing assignments. 
"6 x 8 = 48
but why are 
3s and 4s 
the hardest?!"