Ellie & Emmitt!
Their story is a sad one and a bit of a mystery.  They were found in a very remote area of Xichigan.  Two hunters found them huddled under their truck trying to stay warm.
They were severely underweight.  The hunters coaxed them out with some deer jerky and brought them to Erin's Angels Rescue.

Turns out, the lady who owns the rescue in Xichigan used to live in Ohio...just two miles from my house!  It was meant to be.  

We have no idea where they came from, who first owned them or anything about their first few years of life.  

One thing for certain is...they found their FUR-EVER home with us!
First moment we met ~ they were cRaZy wild!
Chilling by the pool.  Ellie loves to get in on the first step (mostly to retrieve her toys), but Emmitt wants nothing to do with it.
She is so silly and loves to play!
Emmitt just wants to nap.  We call them both "velcro dogs" because they always want to be right on top of you.
We love you 
Em and Ell!